May, 19th 2015.

Time: To be announced

Supervisor: To be announced

Place: Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Clinical Center of Vojvodina

     Caesarean section is the most common obstetric surgical procedure today. Improvement of operative techniques, anaesthesia, care and transfusion has contributed to the safety of this procedure and expansion of indications. Still we should keep in mind that perinatal complication risks are several times higher than in vaginal delivery. Also, there are many unexplained aspects of how cesarean section affects the psychophysical development of the children.

     The opening lecture of this interactive workshop will be focused on one of the new operative techniques – Caesarean section modified by Vejnovic. The main concept of the modification Vejnović is that we have to respect natural processes and try to imitate the mechanisms of the vaginal delivery during the cesarean section, thus making it cesarean delivery.

     This lecture will be supported with live video operation of caesarean section. After the lecture a discussion in which all the participants can actively participate will follow. In the practical part of this workshop all the attendees will actively participate in the normal vaginal delivery on obstetrical and childbirth simulator models and be allowed to attend the childbirth at the Department of Perinatology if it is in progress.

(10-15 Participants)



Time: To be announced

Supervisor: To be announced

Place: Medical Faculty in Novi Sad, Amphitheatre 1/2

     The workshop is designed in an interactive form supported with short films, where participants will get introduced to the hallmarks of clinical presentation, etiology, diagnosis and therapy of involuntary movements such as tremor, athetosis, horea, ballismus, dyskinesia, dystonia, myoclonus and other specific movement disorders.

(15 Participants)




Time: To be announced

Supervisor: Siniša Mirković, Professor of Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology

Place: Clinic of Dentistry, Clinical Center of Vojvodina

The purpose of this workshop is to show dentistry students components and techniques necessary to complete the surgical and restorative stages of implant cases. The workshop involves a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hand-on workshop utilising the complete range of hand and mechanical instrumentation to install implants on their own on implant models.